Program Details and Intern Responsibilities

Advocates of Silenced Turkey is offering its first internship program for college students. The program is designed to foster research and academic writing skills and will provide college students with the opportunity to work in close contact with survivors of the Turkey purge through human rights advocacy projects. The program will focus specifically on the infringement of women’s rights in Turkey, framing the larger fight for gender equality as it pertains to both contemporary political and social issues.

AST interns will be compiling research from past AST reports, social media posts, and other news sources regarding an assigned women’s rights case. The intern will later conduct interviews with the relevant persons. The gathered information will be compiled into a paper to be published by AST under the intern’s own name.

The program is slated to last from June 15, 2020, to August 15, 2020. How the intern allocates time for work is completely his or her own prerogative as the internship program is tailored specifically for remote work. In this regard, consistent communication is key to ensure the successful completion of the assigned work. Part of the intern’s responsibility is to email weekly updates to the internship coordinator detailing the hours the intern worked, what s/he has completed so far, and what his or her plan is for the next week alongside any questions or requests. Throughout the duration of the program, the intern is expected to complete at least one 5-6 page length article. After the completion of this first paper, new work will be assigned.

Recommendation letters will be provided at the intern’s request.

Program Requirements and Preferred Skills:

  • Weekly availability of 4 hours at a minimum.
  • Demonstrated interest in human rights work.
  • Strong written and verbal skills in English.
  • Research experience.

Please send your application packet including the following to

** A most recent academic transcript. Unofficial transcripts are also accepted.
** A writing sample not exceeding a page.
** Resume Cover letter – Your cover letter should not simply summarize your resume, but shed light on your experiences.
**  Please address the qualifications that will help you succeed in this internship and what you hope to gain from this experience.
**  Recommendation Letter – Preferably from a professor or employer.

Application Deadline is June 13 by 11:59 PM.

Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis. Limited spots are available. Accepted interns will be emailed a response.