Academia is the main avenue where ideas come to life, flourish, and lead to progress. Thus, academic circles in the contemporary world need to sustain an intellectual climate in which freedom of thought sits at its core and forges new ideas, new directions for progress.

Unfortunately, learning often happens through negative examples, and to understand freedom, it is important to decipher cases of oppression, injustice, and persecution in their many forms. Issues of human rights and freedom regarding civil, political, economic, social, and cultural are at the core of our mission to help establish and sustain democratic governance in Turkey.

Through a combination of awards, advocacy, and promoting scientific research, AST aims to support and amplify the voices of pro-democracy organizations and individuals in Turkey and to strengthen their capacity to hold their government accountable.

To raise awareness about the dire conditions in Turkey, to the expose oppression over minorities, religious groups, academics, and to shed light on the constantly deteriorating conditions on freedom of expression, AST, in collaboration with SRW, is announcing HALUK SAVAS AWARDS in honor of the late professor who had been a victim of persecution in Turkey.

The awards are designed to encourage graduate students pursuing a degree in Ph.D. or MS and academics in Social Sciences to undertake academic projects that will focus on human rights and freedom issues in Turkey in the aftermath of the 2016 coup attempt and investigate connections between motive, policy, and practice.


Submissions Open:
10/04/2020 00:00 a.m. EST

Submission Deadline:
08/30/2021 11:59 p.m. EST

Announcement of the award winners:


PhD dissertation award:
Up to 5 awards, $2,000 each.

MS Thesis award:
Up to 5 awards, $1,000 each.

Publication in a peer-reviewed journal:
Up to 5 awards, $1,500 each.

Conference talk or proceeding:
Up to 5 awards, $1,000 each.

Honorable Mentions:
Up to 5 awards.

Interested applicants must complete and submit an online application form below.