March 21st Online Protest

Link; http://www.youtube.com/AdvocatesofSilencedTurkey

What is it?

♦The first online event of its kind to stand together with women in Turkey and in the World against violence, oppression, and femicide.
♦Accompanied by 30+ activists, human rights defenders, journalists, and lawyers.

♦More than 50,000+ expected attendees worldwide.

When and where?

March 21st, 2021 2:00 PM EST (New York)


Several activists are going to join the protest with their 1-minute remarks on the violence, femicide, discrimination, and political oppression targeting women and children in Turkey and around the World.
An attendance of 50,000+ is anticipated.


These protests are aimed towards raising awareness about the harrowing conditions of women and children suffering the injustice and devastating witch hunt in Turkey and around the World.

Greater participation leads to pressure towards the betterment of conditions for all women, especially those inhumanely imprisoned as political captives.

It is often the trust that they are not forgotten that keeps people content rather than their optimism.


The more the number of viewers, the higher the impact. So you can help first by joining the event and invite others to bea part of this worthwhile event.

The size of the impact is measured by the number of viewers during online events, and that is simply a number of viewers from different devices, i.e phones, computers, or tablets.

On the 21st of March 2021, please devote your time between 2:00-3:00 PM EST to the victims and be a part of this meaningful event. It starts at 6 PM in London, 9 PM in Athens, 7 PM in Berlin at 3 PM in Brasil, and 7 PM in Kenya.

You can share this information with your friends and social circles and encourage them to be on the channel at their respective time. Even though they may be busy at the time, you will contribute by sharing the atrocities committed and help raise awareness on the issue.

You can organize zoom meetings or Social Media events to create synergy and motivation. You can also share your enthusiasm with us so that we can get fired up as well!

You can ask human rights activists, community leaders, journalists, and lawmakers to join this online event with a 1-minute video recording to be broadcast during the protest. Send us an e-mail to help@silencedturkey.org about the details.

We hope you become a part of this event even with a nod or a tiny effort and help thousands of women and children get out of their misery

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By AST Reporter, Nur Ozer

May 15, 2020

“I was so afraid to go to the hospital for delivery. I had planned to have the majority of my labor contractions at home so that I would not be taken into custody,” says Ayse Kaya in an interview she gave to an Advocates of Silenced Turkey reporter. Like many mothers of the Gulen movement, Ayse Kaya’s life took a radical turn after the so-called coup attempt in Turkey, in 2016. Mrs. Kaya, who is a Gulen movement supporter, used to work at a non-profit organization. Mrs. Kaya mentions in her interview that the organization was completely legal, operating under the appropriate government department that oversaw non-profit organizations, and subject to unannounced government audits.

The Turkish Justice Minister data indicates that there are more than 750 babies imprisoned with their mothers. According to the Turkish Criminal Code, Law No# 5275, Article 16, Section 4 the Implementation of Criminal and Security Measures prohibits the arrest of women with babies younger than six months and pregnant women. However, these regulations do not apply to Gulen movement supporters. This brutality is not limited to new moms, and newborns; it is also affecting the new generation of Turkey. There are more than 3000 children in the prisons of Turkey. This growing young generation has witnessed many tortures, and brutal practices in the jails, and at the courts. During this process, one can easily witness a child screaming, or crying uncontrollably as they see their parents in handcuffs.  Some of the mothers have to take their newborns to prison with them, while others have to leave them in tears to their parents.  Worst of all, there are many children whose mother and father were imprisoned and due to their relatives’ unwillingness to accept guardianship, these children were sent to the orphanages. The link below shows a short video of a little girl whose father is in jail, and whose mother was taken to court and arrested. After many hours of waiting, the little girl is talking to a dog asking where her mother is.


As of now, there is no evidence that connects Gulen supporters to the attempted 2016 coup. However, for Erdogan, and the AKP regime, this does not mean anything. In his article, Tas (2017) states, “Having thwarted a coup attempt, one could plausibly assume that AKP would comb through the evidence gathered and reveal the truth of 15 July. Instead, AKP demonstrated an apparent disdain for facts and employed various means to obstruct the pursuit of truth and maintain its monopoly over the narrative of the abortive coup.” (p.6) Even if we consider that the Gulen movement followers organized the coup, there is no law that allows imprisoning new mothers and newborns. No matter what the truth is, there is one reality that is not changing; Turkey’s prisons are turning into the headquarters of torture for the new generations of Turkey.

Like Mrs. Kaya, there are many mothers living in brutal conditions in the prisons of Turkey without -knowing the exact reason for their imprisonment. They are living with the hope that all of this is a big misunderstanding, and that the authorities would eventually realize that they were making a big mistake. Even though we share the same hopes with these new mothers, the present status of the Erdogan regime has not made any attempt to release them despite the danger of the Covid-19 pandemic. Besides all the trauma and brutality, the mothers are facing, there is another crucial unforeseen fact, which is the psychological status of new mothers.  The delivery process brings many crucial identity, physiological, and physical shifts in a woman’s life. “These changes range from “baby blues” to a spectrum of feelings known as “postpartum mood disorders”. (“Emotions of Motherhood”, n.d, p.0). Besides the poor psychological and physical conditions in prisons, most mothers suffer from deprivations such as not having hygienic enough conditions, and the lack of baby diapers, baby formula, and attention to the nutritional needs of their newborns.

In addition to the mothers in jails, due to unforeseen conditions, many women are forced to live in secret locations with the fear of being taken into custody or imprisoned. Most of these women have been suffering from the lack of access to proper healthcare, and from starvation, and poverty. Today, many Gulen movement supporters are forced into civil death with their families, and many ended up with emigrating from Turkey via dangerous water crossing from Meric (Evros River) with the hope of finding new lives overseas.


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Tas , H. (2018, March 8). The 15 July abortive coup and post-truth politics in Turkey. Retrieved from https://www.tandfonline.com/doi/pdf/10.1080/14683857.2018.1452374?needAccess=true



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