Torture in Turkey

Stand Against Torture Virtual Protest – 26 June 2022

We cordially invite you to the virtual protest on the occasion of International Day in Support of Victims of Torture on June 26, 2022. Along with reflections from law professionals and human rights experts, true stories of survivors of torture will be shared in this virtual protest which will be live-streamed on YouTube.

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Inconceivable torture as a grave human rights violation in Turkey at Şanlıurfa Counter-Terrorism Branch (TEM): “I put on a condom, now I will rape you”

Another grave human rights violation documented by Sevinç Özarslan with the victim of torture in Turkey. The history teacher, who worked as a teacher in the closed private teaching institution and had 3 children, who did not want his name to be disclosed for security reasons, told about the torture he faced in Şanlıurfa Counter-Terrorism Branch.

He was taken to Sanliurfa TEM with his 15-day-old baby, whose heart was born bigger than it should, and his puerperant wife. Moreover, he was subjected to such torture that he still could not take the trauma of what he had been through. The incident that happened was disgusting enough to identify it as subhuman. After they completely cut off contact with his wife and child, they put him in the cell. After being pressured to take advantage of effective regret, the victim, who did not even know the crime that he did, was tortured. In the winter, they imprisoned him in a room with open windows and no heating. They did not permit to sleep him until the morning with the control of police on duty, and then he was exposed to those horrible events he will never forget. First, they forced him to be naked, leaving only the underwear. They cursed and assaulted mothers, spouses, children, and whatever values came to mind with very severe insults. He was stripped and beaten after being blindfolded by people who were called “Interrogators“; and he heard that an interrogator said, “I put on condoms, now I will rape you.” Although this person could not do the action, he was tempted to do so. At the same time, they threatened the victim with open surgery, and the history teacher, who came to the end of his patience, shouted to be operated on without anesthesia. Even more painful, after all these tortures, they realized that they took the wrong person and then stopped the torture.

The reasons for a 44-year-old father with 3 children to live those situations are the fact that he was dismissed with the decree numbered 672, that he had just insurance registration in the closed institutions and his children were studying in Gulen-affiliated schools, that he had accounts at the Bank Asya, which was a bank approved by the state and its inaugurate was made by President Erdogan himself.

In a country where so-called democracy and justice are alleged, the main offense is to rape or allega batter, threaten with his family and feel entitled to this.


Interview by Sevinç Özarslan from Bold Medya with the victim of torture in Turkey on 2/9/2021. (The name of the victim is not disclosed because of security reasons)



Reports on Torture in Turkey




Stories of the victims fled from Turkey:






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18 Former employees of Turkish National Intellingency (MIT) are tortured in Ankara TEM

It turned out that all the people who were detained and tortured in Ankara were MIT employees. H.Ç.’s lawyer told the police yesterday.

According to the news of BOLD MEDIA Cevheri Güven, 27 people who were detained in Ankara on the morning of December 18 and announced as former employees of the Prime Ministry by the Public Prosecutor’s Office were expelled from the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and were subjected to intense pressure during the detention process.

According to information provided by lawyers of detainees in Ankara Anti-Terror Branch, the first day of detention was threatened, insulted and psychological torture.

According to the information given by the ex-MIT employee H.Ç.’s lawyer spouse, the detainees were interviewed at 22.30 on the first day and were threatened with rape by showing bottles lined up next to each other.


According to the statements of the wife of the detainee; My husband had not undergone any investigation, prosecution after being expelled. When I saw him, he was scared and in panic. They have taken him into a different type of interrogation room which has a camera and two sides glass-covered rooms. They took him for “interview” for 30 minutes which was completely threatening and insult to him along with the interview. “Even if we release you, we will you get you back without any warrant.” They had added.


They have shown some bottles which are put together and told him that” these bottles are for you which you may understand what will happen to you with them if you do not be smart and tell us all the story.”


27 people who were detained in Ankara on the morning of December 18 and announced as former employees of the Prime Ministry by the Public Prosecutor's Office were expelled from the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and were subjected to intense pressure during the detention process.
34th High Criminal Court was established in Ankara to prosecute MİT employees. Establishing a special court for investigation of an institution is caused by serious critics by the lawyers.
6 people who were kidnapped in February 2019 and who were handed over to the police after 6 months of torture began to be tried in this court.


*The news in the link was translated and briefed.

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Zabit Kisi was kidnapped, tortured and jailed by Erdogan Regime

Zabit Kisi was kidnapped, tortured and jailed by Erdogan Regime

He was kidnapped by MIT in Kazakistan and tortured for 108 days in an unknown facility in Turkey by Erdogan Regime.

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Gokhan Acikkollu, a teacher tortured and died in Turkey

Gokhan Acikkollu, a teacher tortured and died in Turkey. 

He was tortured both physically and psychologically and hospitalized 2 times in Turkey. Unable to bear the torture and died on August 5, 2016.

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Human Rights Violations Report, Comprehensive infographics about Turkey



August 2019 / (28 pages)

Our infographics work began on August 24, 2018. In the past year, we gathered information from comprehensive reports of human rights associations, data from several statistical institutes, and also news from many known newspapers, most notably:

  • The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

  • The United States Department of State

  • Freedom House

  • Amnesty International

  • The American Bar Association

  • Reuters

  • The Committee to Protect Journalists

  • Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK)

  • Stockholm Center for Freedom

  • Global Wealth Migration Review

  • Scholars at Risk

  • European Asylum Support Office (EASO)




  • COMMA Network

  • The Arrested Lawyers Initiative

  • Lawyer Rights Watch

  • World Prison Brief

  • Turkey Purge

  • Journalists and Writers Foundation

  • Prison Studies

  • Prison Insider

  • Ahval News


AST created 22 pages of infographics by summarizing a total of 854 pages of information including reports, statistical databases, and news published by these organizations.


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Send a letter to Congressman Hastings, the chair of Helsinki Commission or Hon. CHRIS SMITH- NJ from Lantos Commission to urge them to take action against Turkish authorities involved in torturing 6 Ex-MFA Diplomats in Turkey.

Sample letter to send Congressman Alcee L. HASTINGS.  & Congressman Chris SMITH

Dear Hon. Rep. Alcee L. HASTINGS
Washington, D.C.
2353 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, DC 20515
Tel: (202) 225-1313
Fax: (202) 225-1171

Urge Turkish Government to investigate the serious torture allegations to ex-diplomats in the capital Ankara, Turkey

Dear Honorable Congressman,

I deeply concerned about the torture allegations documented by the Ankara Bar Association. 6 ex-diplomats of Turkish Foreign Ministry have been detained at Police Headquarters in Ankara.  HDP MP Omer F. Gergerlioglu; Erinc Sagkan, President of Ankara Bar Association, and CHP MP Sezgin Tanrikulu spoke out about the allegations immediately..

According to the Ankara Bar Association’s report, 5 detainees were harshly beaten, knocked unconscious and sexually abused (anally raped with batons). The detained diplomats were forced to sign a statement of confession. A tortured diplomat lost his consciousness due to severe beatings and was hospitalized. However,  he was refused to be given a medical report. According to the UN report on March 2018, 263 incidents of torture in detention occurred in Turkey. Grave human rights violations like torture cannot be tolerated.

I will greatly appreciate if you urge the Turkish government to investigate these serious allegations and to bring the perpetrators of the horrible torture incidents to justice and If you share your thoughts about torture on your social media.

Thank you for your support to persecuted and oppressed innocent people in Turkey.

Yours Sincerely.


Dear Hon. Rep. Chris SMITH

Washington, DC Office
2373 Rayburn House Office Building
Washington, D.C. 20515
phone (202) 225-3765
fax   (202) 225-7768

Full Report Link and more information :








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