A Turkish human rights lawyer has reported the torture of his brother under custody of anti-terror police in the southeastern city of Şanlıurfa, Cumhuriyet newspaper reported on Monday.

The Şanlıurfa branch of the Human Rights Association (İHD) is to submit evidence from İlhan Öngör, who is the co-chair of the Adana branch of İHD, to a prosecutor and ask for an investigation into what happened to his brother, Mahmut Öngör, in police custody.

“Physical torture was carried out: electrocution, bastinado, beatings, etc.” he wrote in his submission to the association.

According to a report by online news outlet Ahval, İlhan Anger has stated that “He cannot use his left hand from the wrist down. His nose is covered in wounds and there are scars across different parts of his body. There is extreme bruising above the left part of his groin. The scars resemble those made through electrocution. He struggles to talk and his entire body shakes.

“As the meeting was carried out under police supervision, my brother could not talk freely. When he tried to talk, his teeth rattled and he could not talk due to the pain from his injuries. He has experienced intensive insults and psychological violence.

“My brother was tortured due to using his right to remain silent when he was previously arrested to give a statement at the police station.

“Despite all this, my brother has not been brought to a doctor. His arrest and torture continue.”

Source: https://stockholmcf.org/turkish-police-torture-brother-of-a-human-rights-lawyer-in-southeast-anatolia/