Photography is the art that takes an instant, an item, or an experience out of time and tells a whole reality and impact that has on life in the background. One frame can make masses feel the tragedy, the emotions, or sometimes the humor surrounding that frame. It can encapsulate the struggle, hope, despair, uncertainty, and anticipation in a single click.

In memory of Ahmet Burhan Atac, who was widely known by his nickname ‘KARA EFE’, a 7-year-old who passed away due to passport seizure and obstruction of travel by the Turkish government for treatment abroad, we are organizing this photo contest to raise awareness and consciousness on human rights issues in Turkey and express solidarity with the victims of oppression everywhere. We invite submissions of original photographs that tell captivating stories in the backgrounds. Whether a moment of struggle, an object of sentiment, or memory of love and emotion. We would like to unveil the state of human rights in Turkey and let people know about the aspects of the struggle.

Apply by March 1, 2021


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You can click here for the Turkish Application

If you have any questions concerning these terms and condition please contact us at photocontest@silencedturkey.org


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