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Since 2005, women imprisonment in Turkey increased by 470%.
As of 2019, there are more than 10,000 women in prisons, with more than 3000 children.
There are more than 780 babies imprisoned with their moms, and there are more than 500 babies who are separated from their moms due to imprisonment. Not only women who had just given birth, but also pregnant women are imprisoned.

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Turkish dissidents kidnapped from Europe and other countries by Erdogan’s long arm. Turkey has snatched over 100 alleged members of the Gülen movement from other countries in recent years. 28 innocent individuals were abducted in Turkey and some were tortured.

An estimated 175 journalists and media workers are in pretrial detention or serving sentences for terrorism offenses at the time of writing. Hundreds more are on trial but released under supervision.

There are 780 babies imprisoned along with their mothers who have not committed a crime, been proven guilty of any offense, or officially indicted for any offense.

Prisoners and detainees have been under systematic torture and ill-treatment, more severely during the state of emergency. 93 prisoners have lost their lives due to torture, ill-treatment, and negligence. Another group of 11 individuals lost their lives under arrest and during interrogation due to torture. Tragedies include Gokhan Acikkollu who died after 13 days of sustained torture in police custody and Ayse Ozturk, a 44-year old woman, who was subjected to electric shocks, physical assault, and threats of rape while in custody.

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Selahattin Demirtas

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Selahattin Demirtas worked as a Freelance lawyer after graduated. He then became a member, and thereafter Diyarbakir Chair of the Executive Committee of the Diyarbakir branch of the Human Rights Association (IHD).
He is one of the founders of the Human Rights Foundation and Amnesty International’s Turkey branch.
Active politician and opposition leader arrested on November 5, 2016, accused of being an opponent to Erdogan.
He is still jailed pending trial.
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Murat Arslan

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“The German New Judge Association (NRV) has stated that ‘Turkey has abandoned its position as a constitutional state and the superiority of the law is completely disregarded’ in response to the decision for conviction”*
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We are the Advocates of Silenced Turkey

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AST holds conventions to bring light to the ongoing conflict and its influences in Turkey. Also to develop strategies to champion human rights worldwide through panels, discussions, workshops, art and photo exhibitions, and legal training sessions. Some examples of these are The Freedom Forum, Immigrant Women Empowerment Panel, film festivals, and movie screenings. Also, AST members attend conferences held by other human rights organizations.
Don’t be Silent…
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278 People Died Because of Persecution of Turkey

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On Friday, September 27, 2019, the boat carrying desperate people fleeing the persecution in Turkey sank. Seven out of 19 people in the boat passed away. The Greek media published the news as” The angels escaping from Erdogan, lost their lives in the Aegean Sea” for the unfortunate event.
In Turkey, people died due to not being able to stand the persecution, from torture, having heart attacks and other serious medical conditions, not being allowed to receive treatment or not given their medicine, while fleeing from persecution or by the struggle for survival under difficult conditions.
Don’t be Silent…
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Report on 278 persecuted lives in Erdogan’s regime



October 2019 / (31 pages)

The Erdogan government is showing disregard to the rights of its dissidents. Hundreds of thousands of people have been detained and arrested. Among the prosecuted are journalists, civil servants, teachers, politicians, academics, human rights defenders, public workers, law enforcement officers. Unfortunately, torture and ill-treatment have become a dire reality in custody. As a result of those inhumane incidents also escapes through the Evros River and the Aegean Sea, so many deaths have occurred.
Today we have launched a booklet about deceased people because of persecution. Media is silenced so the deaths have been occurring without any media coverage due to the political pressure on the media.  Some of the news coverage was looked into and later was confirmed after they were shared on social media platforms. The list was further scrutinized and the news coming from unreliable sources were removed. The remaining names were included in this study.
Considering the limited access to accurate data in Turkey, the number of deceased people are also limited in this booklet. Yet, we will continue to follow up on this issue and update the study we gather new information. If you are aware of someone who was not included in this list, you may reach us by visiting “www.silencedturkey.org” or by emailing help@silencedturkey.org

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