The only crime and criminals the young woman ever saw were in movies. Suddenly, she found herself in prison without any evidence of a crime. When she had a severe nervous breakdown because she was unable to bear the separation from her two little children, the head guard in prison threatened her with sending her to a mental hospital.

She never shed a tear again. When she was released and pending trial, she found out that her mother was diagnosed with cancer, due to suffering from intense grief. Afterward, she faced the risk of being imprisoned again, in violation of the rule of law, she had no other choice but to leave her beloved country together with her husband and children.
They found freedom in Greece, but new challenges were on the horizon. Unfortunately, she was shocked by her little son’s illness. You will witness the story of Birgül – in her own words – who was imprisoned at a young age, left her country by crossing the borders via dangerous routes, and felt the pain of her loved ones.



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