Mesut Dinç, who worked as office secretary at a Courthouse, became a target of the inhumane operations carried out against sympathizers of the Hizmet Movement. Dinç was detained and later arrested after the failed coup-attempt. The AKP regime used failed coup as an excuse to fire Dinç from his job. Dinç, who did not participate in the coup attempt in any way, spent 3 months in prison under bad conditions. He was able to get out of prison by taking advantage of effective remorse law. Dinç could not find a job upon his release from prison and Dinç started to suffer from depression. He got Multiple Sclerosis disease due to extreme stress and grief caused by his unemployment, forced “confession” due to effective remorse law, and the pressure other social problems. Dinç passed away on January 10th, 2018 as his disease progressed and exacerbated. He has left behind his wife and 3-year-old girl.