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Human Rights Digest: February 2020 Articles



  1. The Lawless Judiciary: Philanthropist Osman Kavala Rearrested Hours After Acquittal


    On February 18th, Istanbul’s 30th Heavy Criminal Court acquitted businessman and philanthropist Osman Kavala who was one of eight defendants on trial for their alleged involvement in planning, managing and directing Gezi Park Protests. Kavala spent 840 days, or more than two years, in pretrial detention before the court acquitted him of all charges. Only a few hours after his acquittal, the Istanbul Chief Public Prosecutor’s office issued a new order for Kavala’s re-arrest, this time due to allegations of his involvement in the failed military coup of 2016. The Prosecutor’s politically charged warrant for Kavala provides a glimpse into President Erdogan’s unrelenting crackdown on all dissidents through the extensive use of loyalist judges and prosecutors. In the words of Emma Sinclair-Webb, the Turkey director of Human Rights Watch, detention of Kavala immediately after his release has shown the judiciary is “lawless and vindictive.”

  2. Former Legal Advisor to the General Staff of the Turkish Armed Forces: “I am Honored to Be in Prison”


    On January 24, as part of the ongoing failed military coup trials, Istanbul’s 25th Court of Assize found 17 defendants guilty. The Court sentenced 4 defendants to aggravated life sentences, 2 to life sentences, and 13 to varying sentences between 7.5 to 10.5 years. All defendants had been in custody for years awaiting a trial, a long wait which amounted to punishment on its own. More importantly, the court’s partiality and willingness to carry out the Erdogan administration’s vendetta against political enemies drew a vocal criticism from Muharrem Kose, one of the defendants, who described the situation as follows: “I am honored to be in prison in a judicial order where men like Ahmet Altan continue to be behind bars. I don’t believe you will deliver a fair judgment today. May God give judges sitting on this bench a long life so that you can be tried legitimately for your illegitimate actions.”

  1. 5 Months Pregnant Mother Imprisoned & Forced to Give Birth Under Police Supervision


    On February 21st, Elif Tugral gave birth to her second child, a son, after spending the final four months of her pregnancy in Sakran Penitentiary in the city of Izmir. Sentenced for 6 years and 10 months, Elif Tugral was found guilty of maintaining a bank account with the now-defunct Asia Bank (“Bank Asya”). Taken into custody while five months pregnant, Elif Tugral was forced to carry out the rest of her pregnancy under duress in abysmal prison conditions while suffering from a multitude of health issues, including a potentially fatal chronic intravascular coagulation condition. In words of her husband, Nuri Tugral, “[Elif] gets hospital visits but it’s very grueling. She travels to the hospital in prisoner transport vehicles for nearly 2 hours with lots of shaking and wobbling on the road.” After four painful months, Tugrul was taken to the hospital by 10 police officers who refused to leave and adamantly supervised her during and after she gave birth. In his reaction to the tragic event, Parliamentarian Gergerlioglu tweeted: “10 male officers brought the mother to the hospital. They waited at the door. Why, how would she even escape?”

  2. Guilty Until Proven Innocent: Former Secretary-General Sentenced Due to $1 Bill


    On February 1st, the Turkish Court of Cassation’s Penal Chamber sentenced Mehmet Simsek, the former Secretary-General of the Military Court of Cassation, to 7.5 years for his alleged affiliation with the Hizmet Movement. In trial, Simsek complained that he faces major public prejudice because of his removal from office and imprisonment after the 2016 coup attempt. He argued that he not only had no affiliation with the coup attempt but he had already submitted his plans for retirement in August of that year. In line with all political imprisonments under the leadership of AK Party and Erdogan, the Court of Cessation found Simsek guilty of all charges, presenting the 1 US Dollar bill found in his apartment as evidence of supposed affiliation with the Hizmet Movement. Simsek’s case sheds light on the breakdown of the Turkish criminal justice system under the current government’s draconian crackdown on all voices of opposition.

  3. President Erdogan uses 3.5 Million Syrian Refugees for Barter with EU


    On February 29th, Turkey’s President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made an official statement after ordering the Turkish-Greek border gate to be opened. In his statement regarding 3.5 million Syrian refugees who were taken into the country by Mr. Erdogan’s own administration, Erdogan proclaimed “We will not close these doors in the coming period and this will continue. Why? The European Union needs to keep its promises. We don’t have to take care of this many refugees, to feed them.” At the time of publication, 18,000 refugees were allowed to cross the border as part of Erdogan’s plan to extract more money and resources from the EU.


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AST Turkey’s Human Rights Violations Weekly March 19

Download as pdf: AST_Turkey’s Human Rights Violations Weekly_March 19

Turkey’s Human Rights Violations | 3/12/2018-3/19/2018

1-” 740 people detained over Gülen links in past week: gov’t”

2-” Millionaire businessman tells wife gov’t could seize properties, divorces her without alimony to marry lover: report”

3-” Pregnant teacher, husband reportedly under police custody for 7 days”

4-” Turkish prosecutor seeks life sentence for US pastor over coup charges”

5-” Purged computer teacher commits suicide days after his release from prison”

6-” Opposition leader slams prosecutor office statement on Açıkkollu’s death”

7-” Turkey police detain 88 people in post-coup operations in İzmir, Adıyaman, Kırşehir, Edirne, Bursa: report”

8-” Number of Turkish asylum seekers in Greece rises tenfold from 2016 to 2017: Der Spiegel”

9-” Outspoken lawyer representing coup suspects jailed pending trial”

10-” Switzerland investigating allegations Turkey tried to kidnap businessman in Zurich”

11-” [VIDEO] 14 detained over Bylock use in Turkey’s Konya”

12-” Businessman takes refuge at Austrian police after Turkish consulate tried to seize passport”

13-” Report: 402,000 people investigated over Gülen links in past 20 months”

14-” 97 including labor union leaders detained on terror charges: report”

15-” Constitutional Court rules for second time to release jailed journalist Alpay”

16-” Man with 1 dollar bills acquitted of coup charges after admitting cocaine purchase”

17-” AK Party branch head appointed as trustee for 7 seized companies in Gaziantep: report”

18-” Mother of this child gets 7.5 years in prison for working at Gulen-affilated student dorm in Ankara”

19-” Wife of judge who attempted to release Samanyolu journalist sentenced to 7.5 years in jail”

20-” [VIDEO] Journalist Sahin Alpay: There are thousands of innocent people in prison”

21-” Pro-Kurdish politician Aysel Tuğluk given 10-year prison sentence”

22-” PPJ report: Turkish gov’t cancels passports to condemn critical citizens to civil death”

23-” Despite official health reports seriously ill Turkish teacher kept in prison over alleged Gülen links”

24-” GRECO concerned about lack of judicial independence, transparency of legislative process in Turkey”

25-” Turkish prosecutor demands 15 years in prison for Cumhuriyet daily executives, journalists”

26-” Turkish gov’t blocks encrypted email service ProtonMail, VPNs”

27-” Jailed main Turkish opposition deputy Berberoğlu: I have been isolated for a year”

Türkiye tarafından işlenenen İnsan Hakları İhlalleri | 3/12/2018-3/19/2018

1-” Rize Emniyeti’nde işkenceler yapıldığı ve üzerinin kapatıldığı ortaya çıktı”

2-” Öğretmen Ömer Şamlı cezaevinde yaşayamaz raporuna rağmen hala tutuklu”

3-” Düşük riski olan hamile kadın 7 gündür nezarette tutuluyor”

4-” Silivri Cezaevi: Süpürge sopası kırılana kadar falakalı işkence yapıldı”

5-” Milletvekili Aslan: Bu yaptığınız insani değil, hukuki değil”

6-” Nakil bekleyen Şerif Agu tahliye edilmeli”

7-” Anne ve babayı gözaltına alıp 3 yaşındaki Murat bebeği ortada bıraktılar”

8-” Esas AKP kendini güncellemeli; Yolsuzluk ve israf almış başını gidiyor”

9-” Raporlu kalp hastası çift 9 gündür itirafçı olmaları için gözaltındalar”

10-” Bayburt cezaevinde tutuklulara psikolojik işkence yapılıyor”

11-” Fincancı: İşkenceler AİHM’e giderse Cumhurbaşkanı, Adalet ve İçişleri Bakanları sorumlu”

12-” Süt emen bebeğin hem annesini hem de babasını tutukladılar”

13-” KHK mağduru polis memuru kalp krizi geçirip vefat etti!”

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Rights groups say 2,278 people tortured, 11 abducted in Turkey in 2017

The Human Rights Association (İHD) and the Human Rights Foundation of Turkey (TİHV) on Saturday said 2,278 people were tortured and 11 abducted in Turkey during the first 11 months of 2017, Gazeteduvar reported.

Releasing a human rights report in Turkey under an ongoing state of emergency, the IHD and TİHV noted that human rights violations have reached worrying levels in Turkey. Recalling that the ruling Justice and Development Party (AK Party) government has issued 28 decree-laws since July 20, 2016, and that only five of them were approved on time by Parliament despite the fact that all legislation must be approved in accordance with the Turkish Constitution, the IHD and TİHV underlined that with its state of emergency decrees the government has created guarantees for state officials that they will not be prosecuted for violations committed during the period of emergency rule.

According to the report issued by the two rights organizations, security forces killed 36 people and wounded 12 in extrajudicial killings and by firing arbitrarily into a crowd on the pretext that they did not obey an order to stop, in the first 11 months of 2017.

A total of 695 people including 183 soldiers, 460 militants and 52 civilians were killed and 310 injured during clashes in Turkey.

Twenty-three people including six children were killed and 46 injured in accidents involving armored security vehicles.
A total of 570 people applied to the TİHV as victims of torture; 2,278 faced torture and maltreatment with 423 of such cases took place while in detention.

According to the İHD report, by May 30, 2017, 11 abduction or enforced disappearance cases had been reported in Turkey.
As of Nov. 1, there were 230,735 people in Turkish prisons, including 1,037 with health problems. The prison population numbered 178,089 in 2015 and 154,179 in 2014.

Source: https://turkeypurge.com/rights-groups-say-2278-tortured-11-abducted-turkey-2017

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