December 10th, International Human Rights Day Booklet


10 aralık insan hakları gününde yüzlerce insan hakları gönüllülerinin destekleriyle 17 Farklı yerde yapılan aktivitelerin bir özetini sunan bu kitapçıkta bir çok demokratik protesto aktivitesi yer almaktadır. İnsan hakları ihlallerinin bir an evvel dinmesi için gayret gösteren gönüllülerimize teşekkür ederiz.


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Vigil and Protest for 864 Babies In Jail in Turkey

864 Babies are in Jail Protests Booklet

The imprisonment of babies is just one element of the Turkish government’s crackdown on innocent people. Approximately 217,000 people have been detained and more than 82,000 people have been arrested on terrorism charges. Those prosecuted include journalists, civil servants, teachers, politicians, academics, human rights defenders, police officers, and military personnel. The prosecutions often lack compelling evidence of criminal activity. As a result, government officials use torture and ill-treatment in custody, including severe beatings, threats of sexual assault and actual sexual assault, electric shocks, waterboarding and interference with medical examinations.


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Elif Zumra Poster

Free Elif Zumra

Elif Zumra and her mother are in jail in Turkey.

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Ugur Akif Hazar Poster

Free Ugur Akif Hazar

Ugur Akif Hazar (two months old)  and his mother who is a teacher are in jail in Turkey.

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Aynur Gazioglu Poster

Free Aynur Gazioglu

Aynur Gazioglu and her 2 years old son are in jail in Turkey.

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Ayse Seyma Tas Poster

Free Ayse Seyma Tas

Ayse Seyma Tas and her newborn Baby (just a month) are in jail in Turkey.

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Baby Miray Poster

Free Baby Miray

Baby Miray and her mother who is a lawyer are in jail in Turkey.

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Asim Sencer Uslu Poster

Free Asim Sencer Uslu

Asim Sencer Uslu is in jail with her mother in Turkey.

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Sumeyra Gokhan Poster

Free Sumeyra Gokhan

Sumeyra Gokhan is in jail with her baby in Turkey.

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Mahir Sayim Poster

Free Mahir Sayim

Mahir Sayim is a one-year-old baby, and he is in jail with his mother in Turkey

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