Grievances in Turkey and other countries within the scape of human rights violations can be expressed with art especially song as a powerful method.

In this context, AST is organizing a song contest to raise awareness about human rights violations in Turkey.

This competition aims to raise awareness with the power of art about political prisoners, torture, deprivation of fundamental human rights. Another goal of this competition is to bring individuals in the field of art to speak out; reflect aesthetic skills, present the message clearly to the listener; to engage in artistic activities for human rights.



A contest with the title “SONGS SUNG FOR THE OPPRESSED 2023” will be organized and promoted by AST (Advocates of Silenced Turkey). The contest will be held according to the application terms and conditions listed in this document.


a) To raise awareness on the violations and abuses of human rights.

b) Using art as a medium to maintain consciousness on human rights and express solidarity with the victims of oppression.

c) To encourage composers and singers to convey ideas on human rights and contribute to advancement of fine arts.

d) To inspire composers to produce innovative musical art.



a) Lyrics may not include defamatory, offensive, threatening, discriminatory, distasteful, Sexually Explicit and Indecent Expressions as well as any commercial motive.

b) There are no restrictions on the musical genre of the compositions.

c) Entries should display original and innovative endeavor.

d) Entries must not carry obvious resemblance to any other previously published works and contest submission must not breach any contractual obligation to any person or company.

e) By entering the Contest, the contestant warrant that the entry is unpublished prior to the contest in any format including CD, tape, vinyl, digital media or streaming platforms and that the content does not violate the privacy rights, publicity rights, copyrights, trademarks, contract rights or any other rights of any person or business. In case of infringement of these conditions, contestants will be disqualified, and prizes will be forfeited.

f) The participants can submit up to 3 entries.

g) Only one entry of a participant can advance to the finale. When and if more than one entry from a single contestant are voted for the finals, only the entry with the highest score shall proceed to the final round.

h) Individual submissions are required for each entry for the contest.



a) Upon submission of the entry, The contestant assigns the copyright and all other applicable intellectual property rights to AST on a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocably and royalty-free basis, for any and all purposes and exploitation by AST and its licensees.

b) Upon submission of the entry, The contestant agrees that AST reserves the right, at its sole and absolute discretion, to broadcast, stream, publish and use the entry in full or in part with or without changes, and anytime it deems fit.

c) The top three winning entries and entries deemed appropriate for honorable mentions will be awarded cash prizes. These cash payments cover the fees for the copyright and all other applicable intellectual property rights of the entries on a worldwide, perpetual, irrevocably and royalty-free basis, for any and all purposes and exploitation by AST and its licensees.

d) The awards for the winners and honorable mentions are recognitions for the entries as a whole entity including lyrics and the compositions. Thus in case of a joint effort by a songwriter and a composer, a written consent for the use of the lyrics by the songwriter must be submitted to AST. AST is not responsible or liable for splitting of the prize money and any agreements between the composer and songwriter.



Submission period ends on January 15th, 2024

All participants must;

a) Register through AST website, www.silencedturkey.org

b) Submit the lyrics in word or pdf format

c) Submit the recording of the entry in mp3 or other file format

d) Submit a video clip for the entry

e) Contact Information of the composer (songwriter, singer, player of the instrument/s, recorders.) to the address songcontest@silencedturkey.org


Due Date: January 15th, 2024

Tentative Finals and Awards ceremony on February 28th, 2024


First Place: $3000

Second Place: $2000

Third Place: $1000


a) The jurors act on the basis of Confidentiality and Impartiality. Decisions of the jury are final.

b) The jury evaluates the songs according to their technical qualities and parameters in line with the objectives of the contest.

c) The top 15 songs will be chosen by the jury. The top 3 will be chosen by the votes of the audience of the award ceremony on February 28th tentative.