Hope Stories from 2,000 Refugee Kids

Hello there,

Do you know that we are so curious about your journey to hope? How was the trip? What do you think about the country and society you arrived at the end of the road ? Are you excited? How your life is going in the school and your new environment? What do you want to do? What are your dreams? Can you tell us by writing a story even attaching a video and photo or art work to it?

Turkce Basvuru icin


Project Achievements:

Do you know what you will gain?

1. Up to 2,000 participants will win a $50 incentive prize. If you add a picture and/ or a photo to your story you will win $10, you may earn $10 more adding a video as well.

2. Awards to contest winners

First place story $500
Second place story $300
Third place story, $ 200

3. This is not all! hopeful life stories which you might be one of the authors are going to be published as books on Amazon and will be introduced to the readers all over the world. We believe that would be a reference for your future succeses.


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