Gov’t whistleblower reveals plot to link Gülen movement to PKK terrorism

Twitter user known by the pseudonym Fuat Avni, who has revealed many government-backed police operations and shady plans to the public, has claimed that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has ordered a plot that aims to show the faith-based Gülen movement linked to the terrorist Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK). 

In successive Tweets posted on Wednesday, Avni said: “Photos and books of [Fethullah] Gülen are being placed in houses where pro-PKK students stay while photos and books of [jailed PKK leader Abdullah] Öcalan are being placed in [student] houses run by the Gülen movement. Many houses run by the movement have been listed in many provinces being mainly in Şanlıurfa. The groundwork of a police operation is being prepared.”

President Erdoğan is seeking to show the Gülen movement, which is known for its promotion of educational activities, charity work and inter-faith dialogue, as a terrorist organization despite the absence of any court decision to this effect.

In his tweets, Avni also said Erdoğan came up with this plot when his aides told him that nobody believes in the claim about the Gülen movement being a terrorist organization. April 6, 2016.