Volunteering Opportunities at AST

AST seeks volunteers to raise public awareness about the human rights violations in Turkey. Our works mostly depend on the dedication of our volunteers.

Areas/Subjects AST needs volunteers:

● Translations

Turkish/English, English/Turkish, English/Deutch, English/Arabic

● Public Speakers

● Email communication and follow up

● Writing white papers

● Preparing Reports

● Short Video Production

● Preparing Presentations

● Editor / Proof reads

● Research

● Social Media

● Web Site

● Media Personal

● Project based works and

● Conducting interviews with victims

● Graphic Design/ Fliers/ Posters/Brochures/ Booklets/

● Team Leaders

● Advocates and activists for women, children, victims of torture or other areas

● Activists

● Call Center

● Creating infographics

● Fundraising

● Public Relations

● Help with APH Project.

● Creating Art for Human Rights

How To Apply:

● Send an email about your interest in volunteering help@silencedturkey.org

● Tell us the best way to contact you

● AST Volunteer Coordinator will reach you to discuss in detail about our needs.

● Our Volunteer Coordinator put you in touch with a team leader

● The team leader will assign you a work


If needed, AST can prepare a support letter for its volunteers to document their volunteer work.




Volunteer Coordinator, Elif