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Human Rights Violations Report, Comprehensive infographics about Turkey



August 2019 / (28 pages)

Our infographics work began on August 24, 2018. In the past year, we gathered information from comprehensive reports of human rights associations, data from several statistical institutes, and also news from many known newspapers, most notably:

  • The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights

  • The United States Department of State

  • Freedom House

  • Amnesty International

  • The American Bar Association

  • Reuters

  • The Committee to Protect Journalists

  • Turkey Statistical Institute (TUIK)

  • Stockholm Center for Freedom

  • Global Wealth Migration Review

  • Scholars at Risk

  • European Asylum Support Office (EASO)




  • COMMA Network

  • The Arrested Lawyers Initiative

  • Lawyer Rights Watch

  • World Prison Brief

  • Turkey Purge

  • Journalists and Writers Foundation

  • Prison Studies

  • Prison Insider

  • Ahval News


AST created 22 pages of infographics by summarizing a total of 854 pages of information including reports, statistical databases, and news published by these organizations.


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A new true story about the persecution in Turkey “GÖRMEK SAHİP OLMAKTIR” in Turkish by Yasin ASLIYANIK

Günlerden 15 Temmuz 2016. Ülkede hain, başarısız, kimin planladığı belirsiz bir darbe girişimi olmuştu. Zalim cellat bunu fırsat bilip, eline aldığı satırı kıskandığı, haset ettiği herkese vuruyordu.

Işığa açılan pencereleri kırıyordu. Yanıp sönen paslı bir ampülle aydınlık vaad ederek halkı aldatıyordu. Kendi görüntüsüne aşık bu zalim tüm deli saçmalıklarına mantık kaftanı giydiriyordu. En çok da düşünen beyinlerden ve kapısı açık şuurlardan çok rahatsız oluyordu. Cehaletin sadık madalyasını herkes taksın istiyordu. Bundan dolayı ülkenin en iyi okullarını kapatmış ve yetişmiş eğitimli insanlarını da zulmete mahkum etmişti.



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The heroes of the persecution in Turkey are the mothers. “Umuttur insanı yaşatan” a new true story. (In Turkish)

Umuttur insanı yaşatan
“0, bize
el sallıyordu.
O gün o kadar
çok ağladım ki,
hayat arkadaşımı,
yoldaşımı bir
bilinmeze bırakıp
gidiyor olmak yakıp
kavuruyordu beni.”
“Kelle koltukta hizmet edilen,
ama kimsenin yolundan
dönmeyi aklının ucundan
bile geçirmediği, altın
kıymetinde günler yasadık.”
“Tutuklu olan
eşlerini göremeyen,
çocuklarından ayrı
ama yine de dimdik
duran kahramanlar.
Mahkeme günleri,
adliye binasının
önüne gidip eşiyle
göz göze gelebilmek
için adliye önlerinde



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PRESS RELEASE: The critical health situation of FATMA GORMEZ and urgent action for the release of BEKIR GORMEZ on conditions of pending trial without arrest 7/19/2019


PRESS RELEASE: The critical health situation of FATMA GORMEZ and urgent action for the release of BEKIR GORMEZ on conditions of pending trial without arrest 7/19/2019



Under the state of emergency, imposed after the July 2016 attempted coup and lifted on July 2018, President Erdogan presided over the cabinet, which could pass decrees without parliamentary scrutiny or the possibility of appeal to the constitutional court. Public officials continued to be dismissed or suspended by decree without due process, with more than 170,000 dismissed since July 2016. Those dismissed from their jobs lost their income, social benefits, medical insurance and even their homes.

According turkishminute.com, Fatma Gormez, a former teacher who was removed from her job in the aftermath of a failed coup in Turkey in July 2016, now weighs only 29 kilograms due to a series of health problems, Fatma is calling for the release of her husband to enable her to continue living via a video message posted on Twitter.[1] (Bekir Gormez is accused of allegedly posting tweets on his account.)

Stockholm Center for Freedom reports that Berk Gormez, a 14-year-old disabled son of that couple who were both purged, lost his life in January 2018. Berk’s father, Bekir Gormez was not permitted to visit him for the last 17 months despite of his and his mother’s severe health problems.[1] During the funeral of Berk, Bekir Gormez was not allowed to take his handcuffs off.

Given the arbitrary detentions of thousands of people due to lack of rule of law in Turkey, hundreds of thousands of people, including family members, are being affected and exposed to severe human rights violations. Omer Faruk Gergerlioglu, HDP MP, stated on Twitter through his personal account that the case of Fatma Gormez was submitted to Supreme Court requesting her husband’s release by the court pending his trial.

We strongly urge the Turkish government to take the case of Fatma Gormez into consideration immediate effectively and release her husband on conditions of trial without arrest.


       Hafza Y. GIRDAP


The Honorable Michelle Bachelet Jeria
U.N. High Commissioner for Human Rights
Office of the United Nations High
Commissioner for Human Rights
Palais des Nations
CH- 121 I Geneva 10. Switzerland
Email: civilsociety@ohchr.org

Phumzile Mlambo
Executive Director of UN Women
twitter: @phumzileunwomen

CSW Communications Procedure
Human Rights Section
UN Women
220 East 42nd Street, 17th Floor
New York, NY 10017 USA
e-mail: cp-csw@unwomen.org.

Address: 2201 C St NW, Washington, DC 20520
Ph: (202) 647-4000

Twitter: @StateDept

Washington Office Address:
1850 M Street NW, Floor 11, Washington D.C. 20036

Twitter: @FreedomHouseDC

The Honorable Abdülhamit Gül
Minister of Justice
Ministry of Justice
06659 Kizilay
Ankara, Republic of Turkey
Email: info@adalet.gov.tr

The Honorable Serdar Kilic
Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey to the
United States
Embassy of the Republic of Turkey
2525 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
Washington, DC, USA 20008
Email: embassy.washingtondc@mfa.gov.tr


[1] https://stockholmcf.org/14-year-old-disabled-berk-dies-in-absence-of-his-father-who-is-in-prison-over-alleged-gulen-links/


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Human rights violations and statistics about the conditions of prisons in Turkey. Unprecedented alarming grow of ill-treatment because of a witch-hunt after July-15 so-called coup attempt.

Human rights violations and statistics about the conditions of prisons in Turkey. Unprecedented alarming grow of ill-treatment because of a witch-hunt after July-15 so-called coup attempt.

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Desperate Journey

The story of Ms. Idil and her children is a story of patience, of submission, of struggle and trust, alongside anger, disappointment and indecision, a story of fear and tears. When you know that the story is anything but fiction, the way you look at your surroundings, the way you behold people and objects is transformed. As you look once more at the blessings you have, and you witness, or listen to the struggle of others who are striving to hold on to those same things, you are awakened with the reality that these are not merely words being expressed. Things such as freedom, and family, and a calling so great that you are willing to devote your whole being to it…..

They are among the thousands who fled from the persecution and witch hunt in Turkey to find the right place to enjoy their freedom.



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PRESS RELEASE: The so-called coup attempt july 15 serves as a justification for the complete conversion of a country’s administrative system and persecution of hundreds of thousands in Turkey.


The so-called coup attempt July 15 serves as a justification for the complete conversion of a country’s administrative system and persecution of hundreds of thousands in Turkey.

On July 15, 2016 Turkey witnessed an attempted but failed military coup against Erdoğan government. During this horrific uprising, hundreds of people were killed and thousands of others were injured. Right after the coup attempt, the Turkish government has taken a wave of oppressive actions against not only the alleged coup plotters but also those that are perceived as critics of the regime. With that, the country’s political spectrum has been completely changed. Amid massive crackdown on media outlets and hundreds of thousands of the dissidents, President Erdoğan further consolidated his power with a controversial referendum in 2017 that changed the country from a parliamentary democracy into one-man rule. Being seen a setback from the rule of law, the new presidential system deepened concerns on human rights.

Marking a monumental turning point in Turkey’s history, the uprising has not been thoroughly investigated. Questioning the government’s narrative has caused many to imprisonment. The leaked details fueled the suspicions on the government’s narrative thus diminished its credibility. The narrative along with the massive crackdown on the dissident groups and Erdoğan’s consolidation of power faced heavy criticism from almost all quarters of the democratic world. In fact, a former representative of the European Parliament and well-known politician Andrew Duff defined it as “quick and relentless so-called coup”. The present report of Advocates of Silenced Turkey (AST) provides an overview of controversies and dark points on the “so-called coup” along with the human right concerns during the ongoing post-coup crackdown on the Turkey’s dissident groups.

Some of the highlights from the report are:

  • A coup with no plan of action: Every coup has a certain plan of action, yet no official document has been presented so far for the July 15 coup attempt or the list of individuals involved with the Yurtta Sulh Council that has allegedly masterminded the coup.
  • A “blessing from God”: Right after the coup attempt, Erdoğan described the incident as a “blessing from God”, implying that he had finally found the opportunity to carry out the purge on his dissidents.
  • Step by step towards a presidential regime: Within less than a year, a referendum for constitutional change was held and the new Turkish-style presidential system was put into effect. Following this, Erdogan became the first president of the new regime through early elections.
  • A coup notice from TSK to MIT: Osman Karacan, a major in TSK (Turkish Armed Forces) went to the MIT (National Intelligence Organization) headquarters on July 15 at 2:20pm to give notice about the planned coup. Yet, no real precautions were taken to prevent or suppress the coup until 10.00pm.
  • Chief of MIT and Chief of Defense are still in office: Chief of the National Intelligence Organization (MIT) Hakan Fidan, Chief of Defense Hulusi Akar and 2nd Chief of Defense Yaşar Güler reportedly held a series of meetings following the notice at 2:20pm on the planned coup but did not notify President Erdoğan until 7:00pm, yet they kept their office.
  • The conflicting explanations from Erdogan regarding time of coup: When speaking to national and international media, Erdoğan stated contradicting times with regards to the time when he was informed of the planned coup.
  • The “controlled coup”: Turkey’s main opposition party (CHP) described what happened on the July 15 as “controlled coup”.
  • Planes on standby for escape: It is discovered that 4 different airplanes at 4 different locations were arranged for Erdoğan to be on standby that night, implying Erdoğan’s possible knowledge of the planned coup attempt.
  • Secret meetings a day before the coup: It is revealed that Akar, Chief of Defense, and Fidan, Chief of MIT (National Intelligence Organization), held a one-on-one confidential meeting that lasted four hours, a day before the coup.
  • “I received the orders to reinforce the Chief of Defense Forces from Zekai Aksakallı”: Colonel Fırat Akkuş stated this during the court hearing, bringing into question the role of Special Forces Commander Zekai Aksakallı in the coup.
  • Erdoğan did not allow an investigation: The Turkish Grand National Assembly’s July 15 Investigation Commission wanted to listen to the testimonies of Chief of Defense Hulusi Akar and MIT Chief Hakan Fidan. However, President Erdoğan did not allow either of the names to appear in front of the commission.
  • “Let an international commission investigate the coup and we will accept its findings”: The proposal of Fetullah Gülen who was blamed for masterminding the coup attempt is not accepted by the Turkish government.
  • Events not yet taken place written into the July 15 Official Report, how did that happen? It was revealed that the official report for July 15 prepared by Serdar Coşkun, the Constitutional Order Attorney General of the time, contained written reports of events that would take place at a later date written as though they had taken place at the time of the written record.
  • Purge lists prepared early on: Attorney General Serdar Coşkun admitted that the first cases of individuals being taken into custody and being arrested on July 16 were carried out based on the official report of the events. However, 3,000 judges and prosecutors were arrested on July 16 based on coup involvement although there is no evidence to support the allegations.
  • A project I disliked is July 15: When Binali Yıldırım, the PM of the time, was asked by a group of journalists if there were any projects that he felt a bit too demanding, his reply, in a sarcastic tone, was “Well, July 15 was a project I did not like at all.”

We urge;

  • international organizations to establish an independent commission to investigate and clarify the infamous July 15 coup attempt in Turkey,
  • international bodies to examine politically motivated coup charges in order to end the purge and grave human rights violations that are affecting millions of innocent lives justified through this controversial coup attempt,
  • the Turkish government to end arbitrary detentions, to find the perpetrators of enforced disappearances and bring them to justice, to reinstate the unlawfully dismissed public sector workers and to ensure the rule of law in Turkey.


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Lawyers on Trial: Abusive Prosecutions and Erosion of Fair Trial Rights in Turkey

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Since the July 2016 coup attempt, Turkey has seen mass arrests and trials on terrorism charges of thousands of people not involved in any violent act. Among them are journalists, human rights defenders, and opposition politicians tried in proceedings which rights groups have documented as politicized and unfair. While lawyers always have a critical role to play in protecting the rights of suspects in police custody and defendants in court, their role in protecting the rule of law and human rights is all the more fundamental in the context of the current crackdown in Turkey. Yet, or more likely because of that, as this report demonstrates, authorities have also targeted lawyers, in particular, criminal defense lawyers.


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