Americans Arrested in Turkey: Andrew Brunson and Others

Americans Arrested in Turkey: Andrew Brunson and Others

December 2018 / (16 pages)

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Erdogan’s government does not only target Turkish citizens but also people from other nationalities who reside legally in Turkey. The situation raises concern about the non-citizens’ human rights in relation to detention and arrest. Main principle of the rights of non-citizens has been seen as the principle of equality, meaning that state must treat non-citizens as same with their citizens. However, recently this understanding has started to change and there have been new and higher standards protecting aliens. This document will refer to human rights documents protecting the rights of non-citizens in terms of detention and then will include the stories of foreign citizens have been either taken into custody or arrested. In addition, arrested consular officials of the US Consulates will be mentioned despite the fact that they should have been treated with diplomatic respect.