Kurdish Politician Says Erdogan Behind Latest Crackdown
Co-Chair of pro-Kurdish People’s Democracy Party (HDP) pointed to President Recep Tayyip Erdogan as someone who pulled the strings behind a massive crackdown that targeted more than a 100 politicians and journalists in the latest wave last week. In simultaneous raids, the Turkish police raided offices and houses of tens
Denied Early Medical Treatment, Turkish Man Dies After Released From Prison
Mehmet Ozbir, 41, died of cancer shortly after he was released in prison, adding to an already growing toll of deaths took place when authorities refused to released terminally ill prisoners in the aftermath of the 2016 coup. The health condition of Ozbir, a businessman of modest scale from Alasehir
Turkish Journalist in Germany Concerned Over Life Amid Threats From Erdogan
As the whole world still struggles to make sense of the shroud of fog over the mysterious case of a Saudi journalist whose sudden disappearance in Istanbul shuddered the international community, a Turkish journalist living in self-imposed exile in Germany has expressed fears over his own wellbeing and his family’s
Jamal Khashoggi missing
Disappearance of Saudi Journalist in Istanbul Consulate Stuns Whole World
The disappearance or alleged murder of a critical Saudi journalist in the Saudi Consulate in Istanbul has created shockwaves across the world and sent a chilling echo for other Saudi dissidents across the region. According to the Turkish authorities, Jamal Khashoggi has been killed by Saudi agents and his body
International Bar Association Raises Judicial Independence in Turkey to UN
09/28/2018 International Bar Association Raises Judicial Independence in Turkey to UN In a joint submission with two other groups, the International Bar Association (IBA) raised the issue of independence of judges and judicial independence in Turkey to a special rapporteur from the United Nations. The dismal state of rule of
PRESS RELEASE about Unlawful detainments of six Turkish educationists in Moldova
PRESS RELEASE For urgent action 09/06/2018 Unlawful detainments of six Turkish educationists in Moldova Today, on September 6, 2018 six Turkish nationals in Moldova were detained. SIS agents of Moldova conducted the detainment of Vice Director and five educationists in Orizont Moldovan-Turkish Educational Institutions early hours in the morning. The

Property rights in Turkey are no longer protected because of the disregard the Erdogan government has shown to the rights of its dissidents. Even though the anti-government Turks suffer from many different rights violations, the violations of the right to property should be separately noted since it is deemed a fundamental human right…Read More

To the astonishment of the whole world last week, September 6, Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and its Moldovan counterpart acted together in snatching six Turkish nationals affiliated with Gulen Movement from Moldovan territory…Read More

Under the state of emergency in place since July 2016, the president presides over the cabinet, which can pass decrees without parliamentary scrutiny or the possibility of appeal to the constitutional court…Read More

Erdoğan government’s education policy consists of generalizing the imam hatip high- schools which provide mainly religious education, and forcing the students to choose one of these schools…Read More


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