Freedom of the Net 2017 (2 pages)

Erdogan’s Government Established Political Control over Turkish Judiciary and Selective Application of Law ( 5 pages)

Instructions for the Practice of Immigration Act 28 – NORWAY CASE ( 3 pages)

Persecution of Women and Children in Turkey (7 pages)

The Freedom House concludes Turkey is no more a free country. What is next? ( 3 pages)

 Human Rights Watch’s Report Shows the Severity of Human Rights Violations in Turkey (3 pages)’S-REPORT-SHOWS-THE-SEVERITY-OF-HUMAN-RIGHTS-VIOLATIONS-IN-TURKEY_P7.pdf

How The Supporters Of The Hizmet Movement Suffer From Persecutions By The Turkish Government? (6 pages)

Severity of Human Rights Violations in Turkey & Support to Turkish Migrants and Refugees (3 pages)

Oppression of Supporters of the Hizmet Movement in Turkey and Abroad (2 pages)

Critical Speech by Kati Piri Delivered in European Parliament Plenary, Joint Debate on Turkey (3 pages)

Turkey Must Ensure Freedom of Religion under Its Jurisdiction (4 pages)


“I Cannot Say We Are Absolutely Safe, Even Abroad” Report On The Current And Possible Threats Supporters Of The Gulen Movement Face Abroad (15 pages)

European Court Of Human Rights Should Reconsider Judicial Independence In Turkey Before Referring Cases To Domestic Authorities (8 pages)

Comparative Analysis of Different Countries’ Approaches Towards Turkish Asylum Seekers Linked to the Gulen Movement (12 pages)

Women’s and Children’s Rights are Under Attack in Turkey (8 pages)’S-AND-CHILDREN’S-RIGHTS-ARE-UNDER-ATTACK-IN-TURKEY.pdf


Name: Turkish Family Drowned in Aegean Sea Escaping from Erdogan’s Regime (4 pages)


Raise awareness about the drowned Maden family (1 page)

Concern at the rejection of nearly 25,000 applications from post-coup victims in Turkey (1 page)

Authorities Must Take All The Necessary Steps For The Protection Of Hizmet Participants (1 page)

Urgent Appeal regarding Turkish Teachers abducted in Afghanistan (2 pages)

The Recent Statutory Decree No. 696 And The Demise Of Rule Of Law In Turkey (2 pages)

Teachers in Afghanistan (3 pages)


Statement on Human Rights Day (1 page)

Statement On Missing Teachers In Afghanistan (1 page)

Statement On Statutory Decree No. 696 And The Demise Of Rule Of Law ( 3 pages)

696 Sayili KHK Ve Hukuk Devletinin Çöküşü (TÜRKÇE) (3 pages)ılı-KHK-ve-hukuk-devletin-çöküşü.pdf


Prison Conditions For Women and Children in Turkey (13 slides)

INSTAGRAM PICTURES (Human Rights Violations):