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Turkey: A Prison for Journalists

In 2016, Turkey became the world’s leading jailer of journalists, imprisoning at least 81 reporters, editors, and producers- a record number. This is a crackdown unlike any before, a crackdown that has ultimately wiped out all opposition media.

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Turkish police arrest 8 human rights activists

Turkish police arrested local director of Amnesty International along with seven other human rights activists for “blatantly without cause”. Their whereabouts were unknown and had not been granted access to lawyers or family.

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Advocates of Silenced Turkey

The ruling AKP party headed by Erdogan has demonstrated growing intolerance of political opposition, public protests, and critical media. Amidst all the noise of hate, of oppression and violence, AST seeks to become the voice of the silenced.

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Set them free, 668 babies in jail in Turkey, Chicago Protest

668 babies, under age of six, and 17000 women are in pretrial detention in jails across Turkey. Group of people gathered in Chicago to demand freedom of innocent children jailed in Turkey.

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