To address all human rights violations in Turkey regarding civil, political, economic, social and cultural as contained in the basic human rights documents.

To prevent genocide, crime against humanity, arbitrary detention, torture and ill treatment, discrimination and to defend right to life, rule of law, right to privacy, freedom of expression, freedom of thought, conscience and religion, freedom of associations.

To utilize all human rights advocacy tools, mechanisms, and systems that can possibly be used to protect and promote the human rights of those whose voices are being silenced in Turkey and beyond.

To hold accountable the perpetrators of Human Rights in Turkey and beyond together with the opportunity for victims to obtain justice and reparation, in order to do so, it uses the power of the law to fight the impunity of perpetrators, accomplices and instigators of crimes, defends the interests of victims before national and international courts and brings cases before the appropriate international human rights bodies, in close collaboration with its local partners and the victims and lobbies to get authorities to take firm action against violations.

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The name of the organization will be “Advocates of Silenced Turkey” (AST). Its headquarter will be in Virginia. However, based on future needs, AST may open other locations in different States and Countries.


AST will engage in following endeavors to achieve its commitment to the promotion and protection of all human rights, whether civil and political, or economic, social and cultural.

1. AST will bring all human rights violations in Turkey to the forefront and will use all necessary mechanisms to seek justice via UN, European Council (CoE), European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR), Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), European Union (EU).

2. AST may individually and in co-operation with other human rights organizations bring a lawsuit on behalf of all plaintiffs, litigate and represent to help to bring justice for all.

3. AST will engage in lobbying and advocating justice for victims by highlighting human rights violations and suffering at different parliaments and its human rights commissions.

4. AST may choose to join and collaborate with plaintiff’s professional organizations to bring speedy resolution and create advocacy for the group.

5. AST will engage in bringing the matters of human rights violations to the forefront of public sphere using public debate, seminars and all other academic endeavors.